Cookies policy

The promotion takes place on a website that uses cookies and other files with similar functions. Cookies are small data files sent to the user's computer, smartphone or other access device when the user visits a website. Cookies provide us with information concerning the user's browsing habits on the website.

  1. Cookies installed in this promotion:
    1. Technical cookies

      Some cookies are used internally and are essential for the proper functioning of the promotion. These include cookies that register whether a user has already participated or not; cookies that monitor and prevent fraud in voting contests; cookies that temporarily save questionnaire responses; and cookies that detect whether a user has been invited by another participant. These cookies are saved only for the duration of one session and are automatically deleted when users close their browsers.

      Blocking these cookies precludes the proper functioning of the promotion.

      These cookies can be identified by the name *_ep_requests y PHPSESSION.

    2. nalytical cookies

      Analytical cookies are used to collect statistics on the activity of promotion users. The information collected provides us with information such as the number of pages visited; the languages used; the frequency and repetition of visits; the time of visits; the browser used; the referral traffic source, and so on. Users can exclude their individual activity by means of the exclusion systems provided by the analytical tools or by way of their own browser settings.

      GoogleAnalytics cookies are used as the promotion's analytical system.

    3. Social media cookies.

      The promotion incorporates spaces and contents which contain social media buttons that enable users to share the promotion across the social networks.

      We have no control over the cookies installed by each social network. However, they tend to be technical cookies, used to control the start of the session, or to display a counter showing how many times a certain piece of content has been shared.

      We recommend that all users review the privacy and cookies policy of each social network, and if necessary, modify the privacy parameters of each network to limit any tracking that they may attempt to carry out.

  2. Deactivate or delete cookies.

    Most web browsers allow users to manage, at any time, their cookies preferences. Users can adjust their browser settings to block or delete certain cookies if desired.

    To manage cookie settings, go to:

    Users can revoke consent for use of cookies in their web browsers by means of the indications above.

    Users should bear in mind that some features and functionalities of the promotion will only work if cookies are enabled in their web browsers. If the user decides not to accept or to block certain cookies (depending on their purpose), this may affect, totally or partially, the user's participation in the promotion.